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Irish Blackthorn

Our hand crafted blackthorn walking sticks are made by skilled artisans in Counties Tyrone, Armagh, Roscommon and Cork. Each piece is unique and we carefully select the straightest sticks with plenty of thorns and a nice finish.

There is a lot of work and preparation time in producing one of these walking sticks. It is a traditional craft that is handed down for generations in families. Each one is pulled from the ground, seasoned for a minimum of twelve months and finally the handle is hand carved and varnished and the shaft is painted with a black gloss finish. A copper Ferrule on the end completes each piece.  

Please note that these are hand crafted items and part of their charm is that they do not have that 'perfect factory finish'. Each small flaw makes an item truly unique and something to be treasured for generations. 

Each piece is a part of the natural and cultural heritage of Ireland. Each walking stick is a piece of Irish history in your hand.


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