Back to Glencar For Culture Night 2017

On 22nd September, I eagerly returned to Glencar Waterfall for a much anticipated Culture Night 2017 .  I even managed to squeeze in a hike beforehand to Ireland’s highest waterfall, ‘The Devil’s Chimney’ (I like how that makes me sound intrepid even though the hike is only 120 metres).

Culture Night 2017 Logo

The Devil’s Chimney

On my last visit to Glencar, I was so busy with the little yellow cottage, I didn’t have time to fit in the Devil’s Chimney. Well there might have been (ahem) a delaying pot of tea and a slice of lemon drizzle cake at the Teashed involved (I’ve no regrets mind you: there was a window seat and I had my kindle).

View of The Devil's Chimney Waterfall, Glencar, County Sligo

Anyway, this time I arrived early and set off to see the Devil’s Chimney in daylight. The woodland hike is 1.2km long which allows for an approximate 30 minute ascent to 120 metres. The view, the trees and the powerful song of the waterfall all the way up added joy to each step. The waterfall itself was even more delightful when it came into sight from a high mound at the end of the path.

Approach To The Devil's Chimney Waterfall

This scene, in my book, is just dreamy.  I could just spend an hour or two on this little bench with its panorama over Glencar Lake and the hills beyond. The meditative sound effects of the waterfall and the rustle of the trees – food for the soul.

Glencar Lake, County Sligo, Ireland

On my way back down I was mesmerised by the sight of a perfect mirror image in the lake. I just looked like there is a whole other world down there.

Culture Night 2017 at Glencar Waterfall

When I arrived at the Teashed for the commencement of Culture Night 2017, the venue was buzzing with children and adults excited for what lay ahead on this magical night.

The event theme was ‘The Stolen Child’ – a WB Yeats poem I discussed in my last post. The performance was crafted by The Rabbit’s Riot Theatre Company (I love their name so much!).

Mushroon House Chocolate Cake and Shortbread Fairy Wands for Culture Night 2017 at the Teashed, Glencar, County Leitrim

It was immediately clear that the guys at the Teashed had pushed the boat out. There was tea and coffee and actual Fairy Wand Shortbread biscuits. Just look at that pretty mushroom house cake! It made short work of any calories burned on the hike.

Fairy Wand Shortbread Biscuits with Icing and Sprinkles. The Teashed restaurant, Glencar, County Leitrim

Now tell me, who could resist a buttery shortbread biscuit, coated in icing and sprinkles (especially when it is also a magic wand).

A piper and Fairy waiting to begin their Culture Night 2017 performance at Glencar Waterfall

I really enjoyed the buzz as we waited for nightfall so the darkness would maximise the wondrous effect of the lit up waterfall. This would, of course, set a scene befitting a performance of WB Yeats’s poem, The Stolen Child.  

Glencar Waterfall lit at night up for Culture Night 2017

It was all just “WOW!” Along the woodland path, fairies flitting, calling to excited children “come away to the waters and the wild”. The bagpipes accompanying the song of the sparkling, multi-coloured waterfall made it all just surreal and breathtaking. I said “WOW!” a lot that evening.

Photo of a male fairy with sparkly wings performing 'The Stolen Child' by WB Yeats at Glencar Waterfall for Culture Night 2017

The Rabbit’s Riot Theatre Company sprinkled magic over Glencar on Culture Night 2017. I am in awe of their talent and creativity! Thank you for a wonderful night.

Fun Facts And Useful Information

The Devil’s Chimney Waterfall is 150m high making it Ireland’s highest. Take note though that it only flows when there has been heavy rain, (I hear ya – when has there ever NOT been recent rain in Ireland!?) so if you cant see it from the foot of the walk then it is not flowing at the present time.

The proper Irish name for the Devil’s Chimney Waterfall is  ‘Sruth In Aghaidh An Aird’.

Further information, including directions (and a really great image of the falls) is on the Sligo Walks Website

Glencar Waterfall is only 2km along the same stretch of road but is located in County Leitrim. Further information is available from Leitrim Tourism

The Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats is a book that makes good company while touring around Sligo and Leitrim (or anywhere in Ireland). You get to see the country through different eyes.

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